See what our Surfsetters are saying about their time aboard the RipSurferX!!!

I absolutely LOVE Surfset!! It is a fun challenging workout with great music, and tough “Challenge” moves!!! Haven’t worked my core like this since doing gymnastics in high school, and it is great for the butt!!....Mary Beth is the “CCBS” Certified Cute Butt Specialist!!!!
— J. Edwards

Surfset Long Island is an awesome addition to my workout schedule! This is a fun, challenging , fresh addition to what was getting to be monotonous workout routines!
— J. Capelli
I was nervous at first, but Mary Beth, our Master Trainer, was very instructive and knowledgeable in teaching me how to feel confident on the board and how to handle the first feeling of instability you feel underneath you! I’m hooked, and want to continue to take my skills to a whole new level!! Having a Blast!
— S. Lessing
Surfset is such a great combo of core, balance, flexibility, and high intensity cardio that I could do it all week long! It is pilates on steriods! Beach music, a fun vibe, and one of the best workouts I have ever done, will keep me coming back for more!!
— L. Hahn
My friends and I had so much fun at our first Surfset class that we signed up for more! I can’t wait to master the moves on the board so I can really torch the calories, and get ready for my winter vacation!!!
— P. Chichester
This class goes by so fast because you are having fun and concentrating on conquering every move. The laughter and friendly environment make working out more like a social gathering as opposed to a gruntfest!!!
— R. Kelly