Surfset Long Island combines rotational core training with isometric movements to build a long lean torso,and elevates the heart rate to torch fat with fun moves such as Wave Runners, Shark Kicks, and Pop ups! All the moves are "surf inspired" and work the whole body. Don't let the names fool you, this is one challenging workout!

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Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

How does Surfset improve your running??  A strong core, and great balance are imperative to being a steady and efficient runner. Surfset stems from the core. Every movement done on the Rip Surfer X engages the muscles of the core to restabilize and control the body in a constantly shifting environment. After a Surfset session, your next run on a steady surface will feel like a walk in the park!




Surfset for ALL athletes. Surfset is a full body approach inspired by one of the world's most athletic sports, and the benefits are not limited to one field of fitness. We draw from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle and coordination. When you add Surfset to your fitness routine, you will literally "shake things up" and challenge your body in a whole new way!



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