Class descriptions

 The Programs all incorporate the core elements & body science philosophy of Surfset. Every program includes the principles of interval training, exercise efficiency, and using the entire body for every exercise.

Surfset Balance

*Breathing, Spatial Awareness, Body Control, Flexibility, Core Strength

Surfset Burn

*Fat Burn, Sprint Intervals, Aerobic Capacity, Improved Sprint Threshold

Surfset Build

*Upper and Lower Body Strength, Muscle Definition, Dynamic Balance, Plyometric Power

Surfset Blend (HIIT)

*Surf Inspired Movement, High Intensity Intervals, Total Body Strength, Long Lean Muscles, Core Strength

Ebb and Flow Surf

This is the Surfset Long Island version of yoga- it is a quiet, peaceful way of moving slowly and methodically on the floor and on the board. Ebb and Flow will lengthen, open, and loosen your body through rhythmic breathing and movement.

Ebb and Flow Stretch

Ahhh....need to recover from a tough workout or just want to keep your muscles flexible and joints mobile?? This 45 min. head to toe stretch class is for  you. We all need to keep our bodies moving and flowing to continue to live a happy healthy life!  The mantra for this class is "Motion is lotion!!"

Beach Barre

This off the board, no impact class is for everyone! Holding onto a barre for stability, this class will have you doing high rep, body controlled exercises to create a lean, strong surfer body! You will improve your posture, balance, and flexibility!

Cardio Barre

This is an awesome class that combines fast moving cardio then digs deep into the muscles with precision moves. You will be torching calories for hours after, and developing long, lean, strong muscles!!!

20/20 Cardio+Stretch

We take this one outside for a 20 min. Power walk followed by a soothing 20 min. stretch session!! This is a great class for anyone who just needs to get up and move! Plus the fresh air and sunshine are great for you mood!!!

Surfset classes can burn anywhere from 500-850 calories per session!!!!

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