Why Mondays rock!!

Monday,Monday. Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, blah, blah blah!!!! Monday gets such a bad rap, and I don't get it!!  I love Mondays for so many reasons:

1. Mondays are like having 52 New Years Days!!! We all get to start fresh on Mondays and reset out goals for the week, instead of once a year. Eat healthy, get in a great workout, start the week out on the right foot!

2. On Mondays we get organized for the rest of the week. Do laundry, food shop etc., all the things we don't do on the weekend because, well,  because it's the weekend!!

3. Pay bills, make appointments, on Mondays and it will make the week go so much smoother- there will be nothing else to worry about.

4. And lastly, I love Mondays because it means 4 more days until the weekend!!!

Get out and make it a great Monday, and I bet you will have a better chance of having a great week!









Mary Beth Lessing